Construction Silt Barrier Fence


Looking to get cheap silt fence shipped to your job site? Need construction site barrier fence with post already attached for easy installation? Best Buy Fence Supply. Only carries the highest quality silt fencing available at wholesale prices.

Silt fence for constructions projects, we only sell the most industrial silt fence for the lowest possible price found in the construction industry. We have silt fence pricing for two different heights of commercial silt fence.

  • Color: BLACK ONLY
  • Quantity:Pallet of 50 rolls
  • Available:
    • 100' x 36" high (20 LBS Per ROLL)
    • 100' x 24" high (15 LBS Per ROLL)

Industrial Grade Silt Fence
Please Note: This is not the cheap stuff, or residential stuff that falls apart when you install it.

    Industrial Grade Silt Fence

  • SLT24100-P Industrial Silt Fence 100' x 24" high
    ($17.01 per roll)
  • SLT36100-P Industrial Silt Fence 100' x 36" high
    ($19.98 per roll)