SurePost Posts and Markers

The Signature SurePost is perfect for mounting PolyBarrier and is a low-cost hazard marker at your facility or next event. The secret to SurePost is its unique rope and fence attachment cap and sleeves, which accommodate both standard braided rope and a variety of plastic and woven fencing materials. Moveable post sleeves can be adjusted to varying heights and can be used to increase tension when installing PolyBarrier or other mesh materials. Post sleeves accommodate various rope configurations, allowing for maximum flexibility. Each post is manufactured using a UV protected, weather resistant and shatterproof HDPE material.

Depending on your requirements, choose the base attachment that best meets your needs. Our ground socket attachment is ideal for applications where repetitive installation and removal of your post is required. Simply leave the SurePost ground sleeves in place for easy reinstallation of your posts at a future date. Choose between our metal and plastic pound-in stake options depending on the ground surface and your specific needs.


  • Durable, UV protected and weather resistant
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Adjustable sleeve tensioning system
  • Multiple staking systems
  • Easy to use rope/mesh connection system

    SurePost Posts and Markers

  • SUP60GS SurePost with Ground Socket, Cap, 2 Sleeves 60" $18.67
  • SUP60PS SurePost with Plastic Ground Stake, Cap, 2 Sleeves 60" $13.03
  • SUP48GS SurePost with Ground Socket, Cap, 1 Sleeve 48" $11.99
  • SUP48PS SurePost with Plastic Ground Stake, Cap, 1 Sleeve 48" $9.22
  • SUPGSP Ground Socket Plug (12 count) White $10.40
  • SUPGSP Ground Socket Plug (12 Count) Yellow $10.40
  • SUPR SurePost Rope 1000ft White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Black/White, Green/White $60.98