Baseball Fence Guard


Exposed chain link poses a safety problem at many modern recreation and sporting facilities. When installed, the top edge of a chain link fence is often ragged and sharp, creating a potential hazard to athletes, spectators, and visitors. While some commercial chain link is "knuckled" or folded down at the edges, we believe that this alone does not offer adequate safety for many athletes, such as baseball and softball outfielders running for a fly ball. One way to help improve safety is with one of Signature's chain link FenceTopper options. We carry a complete line of fence guards to meet your varying budget and needs. Choose FenceTopper extruded sections or our PolyTube corrugated pipe - we have the right option for your facility!

  • 10 x 8' Long Strips
  • 2 5/8" Wide x 4" High
  • UV-Resistant Ties
  • Colors available: yellow, red, blue, green, Orange
About FenceTopper

The FenceTopper chain link fence cap is an attractive Polypropylene cap that fits over standard fencing. When installed, FenceTopper creates an attractive and safe fence for your athletes and is easily visible from a distance.

Used widely at sportsplexes and parks nationwide, the FenceTopper chain link fence cap is durable, UV protected and weather resistant. Each 8 foot extruded section is specially shaped and sized to fit over most fences and windscreen and connects using standard zip or wire ties. Choose from our standard safety yellow or from a wide variety of colors to match team or facility colors.

Fence Topper creates a visible protective marker, preventing collision with and injury from exposed chain link. Colors may be alternated for dramatic effect or to delineate areas. Many sports complexes install a separate color FenceTopper on each field, allowing for field designation by color.

  • FT01 Standard FenceTopper Box of 10 x 8' (80') .07 Mil Thick UV-resistant Ties Included $110.88
  • FT-ZT UV-Resistant Ties Extra pack (100) $22.81

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